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Introduction Claire Dalton ESSAY PLAN Introduction - Outline the question Talk about the definitions of tradition and dissent and set the context in music Paragraph 1 - Review the key elements of the music at that time and introduce Shostakovich- Key points - Chamber Music String Quartets Symphonies and Operas Paragraph 2 - Shostakovich's Symphonies in tradition and dissent terms Key points to cover - Impact of Stalin and his regime in Soviet Russia - Opera - Lady Macbeth - outcry due to dissent - Return to tradition with Symph 5 - Symph 9 - sombre ending didn't fit tradition Paragraph 3 - String Quartets in tradition and dissent terms - String Quartet 2 - Different sonata form - String Quartet 3- 3rd movement- Scherxo different, instrument functions different Paragraph 4 - Jewish Culture - explain how he linked it - specifiy Symph 13 Conclusion - Summarise the tradition and dissent - Still difference of opinion - Both tradition and dissent - Influenced by his regime and personal circumstances What opportunities does the music of Shostakovich offer for a discussion on tradition and dissent?

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Whichever way you look at it, there’s certainly no sitting on the fence…

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There seems to be three ways that we listen to music - be it pop, jazz, classical or whatever.

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The existence of irony in music is a topic that has recently attracted the attention of both musicologists and literary theorists.

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